Sinosia (SA) Composite Solutions (Pty) Ltd is a subsidiary of Hong Kong-based Great Winexpress Industrial Holdings.  It has grown from small beginnings as a supplier of fiberglass materials where it now offers a wide range of quality brands of composite, corrosion, and coating products.  Also providing raw materials and chemical products for the general composites, electrical, marine, automotive, sport and leisure, civil construction, architecture, energy, and aeronautics industries.

We specialize in the distribution of composite materials including resins, fiberglass, gelcoats, topcoats, reinforcements, mould release agents, polishes, abrasives, ancillaries, and equipment.  As a result of importation of our global brands, we have developed the capability to source and supply almost any composite raw materials for your specific requirements.

Our Head Office is in Johannesburg, and we operate branches in Durban and Cape Town with a number of agents and sub-distributors supporting our coverage across South Africa. Our expansion goals include appointing experienced and capable partners extending further into Sub-Saharan Africa and Indian Ocean Islands

What we stand for

Sinosia (SA) Composite Solutions aims to become the supplier of choice to those customers who value working with a team of technical and commercial professionals dedicated to achieving our mutual goals.

We are committed to continuous improvement of our service and product offering through careful selection of our global partners, regular review of our performance and diligent training of our teams.  Agility and a highly responsive approach will be the key to securing the trust and long-term loyalty of our customer base.


Johannesburg Head Office:
Tel: +27 11 6145122

Durban Office:
Tel: +27 31 5791200

Cape Town Office:
Tel: +27 21 5772737